Ignite Fall 2021

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Ignite November 2021 Book of news (https://news.microsoft.com/ignite-november-2021-book-of-news/) から

Microsoft公式のまとめた資料である、Book of newsが出ています。 構成は下記のようになっています。

1. Azure

1.1 Azure AI

1.1.1 Azure Cognitive Search supports more languages

1.1.2 Azure Cognitive Services offers preview of Azure OpenAI Service

1.2 Azure Data

1.2.1 Azure Cosmos DB introduces developer-friendly features

1.2.2 Azure Synapse Analytics announces updated features and enhancements

1.2.3 Flexible Server deployment option for Azure Database for MySQL and Azure Database for PostgreSQL generally available this month

1.2.4 New investments in Azure SQL boost performance and security

1.2.5 SQL Server 2022 now in preview

1.3 Azure Dev & Ecosystem

1.3.1 Azure Communication Services SMS short code preview and Microsoft Teams interoperability general availability

1.3.2 Azure Container Apps now in preview (https://technow.grayrecord.com/2021/11/04/ignite2021_fall_azurecontainerappsnowinpreview/)

1.3.3 Azure Logic Apps updates

1.3.4 Azure Service Bus large message support generally available

1.3.5 Azure Web PubSub service reaches general availability

1.3.6 New solutions for running Java EE applications on Azure container platforms now available

1.3.7 Open Service Mesh add-on for Azure Kubernetes Service now generally available

1.3.8 Updates and enhancements to Azure DevOps

1.3.9 Updates to Azure API management include GraphQL preview, WebSocket API general availability and more

1.4 Azure Hybrid

1.5 Azure IoT

1.5.1 Microsoft IoT Signals explores current state and future plans of IoT

1.6 Azure Migration

1.7 Azure Mixed Reality

1.7.1 HoloLens 2 promotional offer now available

1.7.2 Introducing Mesh for Microsoft Teams

1.8 Azure Networking

1.9 Azure Resilence

2. Business Applications

2.1 Dynamics 365

3. Industry Cloud

3.1 Industry Cloud

4. Microsoft 365 & Windows

4.1 Microsoft Office

4.2 Microsoft Teams

4.2.1 Collaboration across organizational boundaries with Microsoft Teams

4.2.2 Enhancements to Microsoft Teams Rooms and devices

4.2.3 Introducing Mesh for Microsoft Teams

4.2.4 Microsoft Teams platform enhancements and new collaborative apps

4.2.5 Microsoft Teams webinar enhancements and additional broadcasting capabilities enable more engaging external events

4.2.6 New enhancements to the Microsoft Teams admin center streamline IT management

4.2.7 New Microsoft Teams chat features

4.3 Microsoft Viva

4.4 Next Gen Apps

4.5 Windows 11 & Windows 365

5. Microsoft Edge

5.1 Microsoft Edge

6. Power Platform

6.1 Power Platform

7. Security, Compliance, Identify & Management

7.1 Security

7.2 Compliance

7.3 Identity

7.4 Management

7.5 Microsoft Teams